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Dawson is a powerful scrolling template for professional services businesses: finance, legal, consulting etc.

Animated elements, background images that fade in and out as the user scrolls, make for a truly engaging experience. Finding quality, authentic imagery for the professional services industry can be tough, so we built Dawson to bring maximum impact from a text based site. The news section is founded on Squarespace's blog which makes it super easy to update & maintain. Dawson is built on Squarespace blocks only - so editing and adding content is beautifully simple.

Upload to your Squarespace site in moments with our Template Importer (see the process here), and then edit the content, styles (colors, fonts etc.), duplicate pages, just as you normally would in Squarespace. Dawson's background colors are actually images, so you can easily change them for photography if desired.

Live Demo

Download Here Password: lhoiytiyd82rsd


Page Types

Dawson only has 1 Page Type with a slide-in news feed, and pop-up info feature.
Page types can be used multiple times on your Squarespace site, in different ways with different content.

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Dawson Squarespace Template News


Dawson Squarespace Template pop-up