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A modern, professional template, built for businesses.
Lincoln harnesses the power of Squarespace for small/medium businesses seeking a more professional style with a sleek aesthetic.

Lincoln incorporates loading animations, a custom blog design, and subtle text effects. It's built on Squarespace blocks with a layout that will suit a wide variety of businesses.

Upload to your Squarespace site in moments with our Template Importer (see the process here), and then edit the content, styles (colors, fonts etc.), duplicate pages, just as you normally would in Squarespace.

Download Here Password: jsdag97568892ybnbasgjive7893


Page Types

Lincoln has 6 Page Types.
Page types can be used multiple times on your Squarespace site, in different ways with different content.

 Home Page
Lincoln Home Page
Team Page
Lincoln Team Page
Blog Page
Lincoln Blog Page
Blog Post Page
Lincoln Blog Post Page
Contact Page
Lincoln Contact Page
Services Page
Lincoln Services Page

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