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Wallis is a pre-made Squarespace template for designers and creative companies. Centered around a dynamic portfolio with hover animations and changing background images. The project pages incorporate large imagery with assorted styled typography. Other sub-pages have editorial layouts and minimal design. (Yellow background can be changed to any color within the style editor).

As with all of our templates, we've built Wallis on Squarespace blocks and simple page types to ensure it is super-easy to edit.

Upload to your Squarespace site in moments with our Template Importer (see the process here), and then edit all content, styles (colors, fonts etc.), duplicate pages, just as you normally would in Squarespace.

Live Demo

Download Here Password: 8123kjnbdkjaspi45hx


Page Types

Every template has Page Types.
Page types can be used multiple times on your Squarespace site, in different ways with different content.

 Home Page
Wallis Squarespace Template Home
Project Page
Wallis Squarespace Template Project
About Page
Wallis Squarespace Template About
Contact Page
Wallis Squarespace Template Contact
Wallis Squarespace Template Nav