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Subscription Paywall

Subscription Paywall



Unlock areas of your site for paying subscribers only.
This plugin uses Squarespace's newly released subscriptions feature. It integrates with Squarespace's native customer accounts. automatically connects with your store's orders.

Keep transactions within your Squarespace store and checkout process - no external payment systems or servers. Your customers will only experience your Squarespace interface and can manage their account direct from their customer account.


Easily edit the lock screen text and choose which pages to lock.
Supports all Squarespace templates.
The Subscription Paywall plugin is a chunk of code you drop into your site and enter your subscription name and serial key. From there, it works in the background and you continue to manage your subscriptions, customers, orders etc as normal directly in the Squarespace platform.


Requires the Advanced plan (Online Stores).
Plugin file included, with installation guide. We've made it simple.

$19 per month (billed monthly).


Live Demo


Subscription Commerce Plugins are unlocked to Studio members.

Download Here
Password: 8sgjuy120df09as

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